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North Palm Beach Trade Show Displays

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Are you planning a trade show exhibit in North Palm Beach or the surrounding area? Are you a business attending a trade show, exhibit, or convention? If so, Axe Signs & Wayfinding will design you attractive, attention-grabbing trade show displays, booths, and exhibits that will attract attention, reflect your brand personality, and educate and excite attendees, completed on time and within budget.

Exhibiting at an industry-relevant trade show is a great chance for businesses to explain who they are, convert new clients, find distributors for their products, or attract investors. Your trade show display will need specific elements for branding and to assist your sales staff in providing the information that your new business connections need, all while being portable, durable, and easy to set up.

Creating an Eye-Catching Display

Attractive, Complete Trade Show BoothWe create the right trade show display for your needs, including brand awareness and promotional elements. Brand awareness elements would be things like branded table coverings, logo backdrops, a pop-up canopy or tent, or individual graphics. Promotional elements would be those that assist with the sales process, such as pop-up banners, product displays, table top displays, and LED signs. Since you can rarely control the flow of traffic at a trade show or expo, you will want to have some elements that are designed to be utilized in combination with a sales person to describe or display particular features or processes that may be challenging to showcase with images alone, as well as static elements that allow event attendees to gather business information if the booth staff is busy or otherwise occupied.

The level of professionalism of your booth says a lot about your organization, even before anyone is close enough to understand the messaging. A sloppy, poorly thrown together display will project the image that your business is sloppy and inattentive as well. It is crucial that you have attractive, well-designed trade show booth elements that display your company in the best possible light.

Trade Show Exhibit Elements

Simple Trade Show Booth DisplayWhen planning for a trade show or an expo, your booth is going to be your primary focus. The right elements are needed to gain attention, sell your products/services, and impress investors. Not only do you want them excited about your booth while at the event, you want it to be memorable, so that when the attendees are back home and the excitement of the show has worn off, they remember you, your brand, and your booth.

The experts at Axe Signs & Wayfinding have worked with many companies to build trade show displays, so we know what elements work and what elements do not when it comes to making a lasting impression.

While setting yourself apart from the crowd is important, there are many customizable elements that trade show booths commonly share. Working with the space you have, the event, and your budget, our North Palm Beach, FL team can produce a show-stopping display, complete with the right blend of the following elements:


Our expert staff of skilled trade show exhibit designers & craftsmen can assist with all components of trade show booths, including the initial design, sourcing structures and display elements, as well as designing and printing any graphic elements. We strive to be the only partner you need for your trade show booth!

Trade Show Booth Customization

Trade Show Display Elements

Our full-service North Palm Beach sign shop will use our state of the art sign-making equipment, experienced staff, and top-shelf materials to produce a high-quality, durable trade show display that will travel with you from show to show. We know that you will have to shove these displays into trucks, vans, cars, and even into shipping boxes to get them where they need to be, so our focus is not only on visual impact but durability and longevity. We are committed to making your trade show booth beautiful and sturdy while still being unique.

If you already have an existing trade show booth you want to use for a variety of events or need a standard booth that can easily be customized for different shows, our team can update it or create additional matching elements. Our custom trade show exhibit shop can create entire displays, specific elements, or customizable components, whether it is a one-time display or something that will be utilized for years.

We’ll help you pick the right elements for your budget, the event, and your company. Whether you are starting with just the idea of attending a trade show, or have a complete booth display already fully fleshed out, our expert staff can work with you to create an attractive display.

Trade Show Organizer Partner

Are you in charge of organizing a trade show event, or are you a venue that is hosting an expo or convention? We are here for you, as well! We are ready to be your trade show partner, providing all of your event graphics such as directional signage, large-format banners, floor graphics, and more, as well as providing assistance to your exhibitors with their individual booths. We create attractive signage for all aspects of conventions, expos, and trade shows, and are prepared to serve as a reliable, experienced partner.

Free Consultation with an Exhibit Expert

If you are planning to attend a convention, expo, or trade show in North Palm Beach we are the team you need for an exciting, eye-catching trade show exhibit!

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